Black Swan Arts Frome

I have had the pleasure of taking part in their 'In Pursuit of Spring' exhibition (2021) and their 'Small and Affordable' auction (2021)

Woodlands at Dusk.jpg

'Woodlands at Dusk'

Woodlands can be experienced in layers, in life and within this theme; emergence, travel, growth, and winter-spring transition. They elicit a sense of journey, whether it is the physical act of travelling through or being still and feeling as if you are journeying within places both known and unknown.

For sale £170 


Pod sculpture.jpg


A wooden sculpture, first created in clay, is a first part of a series of organic shapes with flowing, pleated lines.

Wood edition No. 1 is not available but another can be ordered.


In August 2021 I was accepted to take part in the Bruton Art Society Annual Exhibitio with my pieces In The Round No. 1, No. 2, and No.3. These pieces were also exhibited for Somerset Arts Week at the Greening the eARTh Gallery in Wincanton.

Somerset arts week.jpg
Somerset Arts Week.jpg

'In The Round'

A mixed-medium series, made from Oak rounds with hand forged steel stands. 

Exploring nature's natural beauty through form, flowing lines and different perspectives, complimented by cold harsh, man-made stands. 

All three are for sale @ £500

or individually: 

'In the round No. 1' - £180

'In the round No. 2' - £180

'In the round No. 3' - £185